During Installation & Refinish

Noise Level During Project

There will be sawing, hammering, sanding and other machinery noises during the installation or sanding process.

People & Children

We realize this is your home and your project, however, keeping everyone living in or visiting your home at a safe distance when work is in progress will insure everyone’s safety. Some projects may require no or limited traffic.


If you have pets please make sure they are secured away from the project site. During work hours the installers will need to enter and exit your home and cannot be responsible for securing pets or runaway pets.

Dust & Debris

Please expect a certain amount of dust from saws or machines during your installation process. Dustless sanding equipment and vacuums are used during the sanding & refinishing process to contain at least 99% of the dust. Some installation, sanding, or refinishing can have a strong odor. We recommend covering needed areas and vents in the installation or sanding areas to contain dust and debris.

Site Clean-up

Upon completion of your project the installer will remove all debris associated with your installation or sanding project. There may need to be minimal paint touch up to any areas affected by the installation although maximum effort is taken to be as careful as possible during your project. Painting and touch up services are not part of the installation service.

Communication & Patience

Communication and patience are keys to a successful project. We will make every effort to be proactive and address any issues quickly and efficiently. If a problem arises or you see something you are concerned about please address it with us immediately if possible.

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